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Hotel Mnagement System


To run a hotel it is essential to offer the best service by the hotel owner and staffs. There are various kinds of services in a hotel to be given by them. It is not an easy work to maintain all the records of services and transaction done by the hotel. There are so many transactions done in a day by the hotel.

To handle all these transaction all they need is an smart software for the purpose of maintenance. Kiransoftech is always there to provide the best software to solve the purpose of hotel management system. With the software of  kiransoftech it becomes very easy to maintain the day to day transaction of a hotel.

Our software is designed in such a way that it is suitable for all types and size of hotel. There are variety of services offered by the software of Kiransoftech.

·        Maintenance of hotel rooms record.

·        Person record who is staying in the room.

·        Number of person staying in a room.

·        Who is in the room at the time.

·        Record of each table of the restaurant in the hotel.

·        Billing of rooms and table.

·        Record of different types of order by the person of room and restaurant table.

·        Records of hotel staffs and their salary.